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URGENT! Broken Encoder!? Att: Doug Moss


My L1700 have just stopped locking any incoming video signals.

Have tried for hours with different video sources, cables, formats.

Did factory default (full reboot) twice.

Even tried the HDMI interface to make sure not the BNC was broken.

But it is still not locking the signal.

And on top of that when unplugging the hdmi connector, the acutal hdmi chassi connector inside the L1700 was loose, and is now loose inside somewhere in the transmitter =/.

So it really needs a service to find out why it is not locking ANY signal.

As this is pretty urgent for me to fix beacuse it suposed to be in production now.

So I have to sub-rent in another system so complete the production yesterday.

So i would be happy if this could be done asap?

Kind regards

// Niklas

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RMA 66687 Opened and Resolved.

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